Your Rights As A Phase 1 Clinical Trials Participant

Questions to ask:

1.    If I leave the trial, are my patient records, generated during the trial, readily available to my community health providers?
2.    If I or my estate wishes to obtain my patient record from this institution, what is the procedure?
3.    The format of this ‘Subject Information and Consent’ form is that of a contract. Is it, in fact, a legally recognized contract?
4.    This document assures me that my right to take legal action is not impacted by my signing the 'Subject Information and Consent' form/contract if a dispute arises between me/my estate and your institution. However, is it a fact that if I die during this trial and my death is caused by medical neglect, the case could not be pursued since a dead person (me) has no need for money/justice? And is it a fact that, if injured and either I am a child or a person receiving no earned income, that I have no possibility of redress in a Canadian civil court for your institution’s lapses in care?
5.    Am I assured that, in the event of us having a dispute, this institution will make available, to me or my estate, a valid address for each member of my Phase 1 care team?
6.    Further, will this institution, in the event of us having a dispute, require of the Phase 1 care team that their valid addresses will be accessible to me or my estate for a period of 2 years?