Self Help Forms for Cancer Trial Volunteers

As a Phase 1 Clinical Trial Volunteer, you must retain your personal power and take an active role in the day-to-day care of your health. The Research with Respect care program provides support, networking and tools to help you in your retention of that power.

The following forms are intended to assist you in your advocacy for timely, efficient and quality care while you are taking part in the 'away-from-home' portion of the trial.

Physical Assessment Guide

Physical Assessment Guide (PDF, 63 kb)- A printable, useful reference for determining whether changes in your health status are within the "normal" range or are abnormal. Abnormal symptoms can be documented in the Patient Self Diary (below) and reported to a Health Care Professional.

Patient Self Diary

Patient Self Diary (PDF, 54 kb) - The printable Patient Self Diary is a handy form for documenting any changes in your health status, including their severity and treatment (intervention). This form can be helpful in communicating with health care and/or research team members. The printable Patient Self Diary Example (PDF, 68 kb) shows you how to get the most from this tool.

These files require the Adobe Reader - Click here to downloadYou will require the Free Adobe Reader to view PDF files. You can download it by clicking here.

It's Your Life: Why You Need to Help Yourself

The following excerpt is from the "Toward 2020 Visions for Nursing" article available from the Canadian Nurses Association Website.

"We're in a new place; we're not on the edge of the old place. We're not pushing the envelope; we're in a totally new envelope. So the rules have changed. Every fundamental premise of the old way of thinking no longer applies."

From the Forum's Determinations:

"Self-care and patient-led care are the norm. Health care professionals are partners and consultants with patients and families in a "shared-care" model of responsibility and accountability for health and illness care."

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