Research with Respect Care Program

Nursing Support for Phase 1 Clinical Trial Volunteers

The Research with Respect Care Program is a free nursing and support service available in Vancouver and Toronto to any Phase 1 cancer clinical trial volunteer and their personal caregiver during the ‘away-from-home’ period of the research study. 

The Research with Respect Care Program is available in other cities but the program providers must have one week’s notice of the Phase 1 volunteer’s intention to use this service.  This program is 100% funded by its parent national charitable foundation, 'Bear Ring "'U" 'n Mind.'

Currently, Phase 1 cancer studies are conducted in only ten major cities across Canada. Phase 1 volunteers are required to relocate to the near vicinity of the research centre for the first while – usually 30 days – to be close to the lab facilities.

After experiencing first-hand what is was like to be alone and in a strange city struggling to care for her husband who was participating in a Phase 1 cancer clinical trial, Pat Maddocks recognized the need for Phase 1 cancer clinical trial volunteers to receive more support at this stressful time. To help others in this situation, Pat founded the 'Bear Ring "U" 'n Mind' national charitable Foundation and partnered with Bayshore Home Health to create the Research with Respect Care Program. 

Free Nursing Services Provided to Phase 1 Cancer Trial Volunteers

During the ‘away-from-home’ period, the Research with Respect Care Program provides Phase 1 cancer clinical trial volunteers with daily visits from a Bayshore Home Health registered nurse who offers the following services:

  • Community nurse visits
  • Pain and symptom management review
  • Client education
  • Emotional support
  • Liaison with cancer research centres
  • 24-hour telephone contact for nursing support

How To Enroll in the Research with Respect Care Program

You can register for this program yourself - you do not need your doctor to register for you.  You do not need permission from the trial researchers.

All you have to do is call toll-free 1-866-265-1920 to register for this free service.

To enroll, you will be asked for a copy of your completed Subject Information & Consent form from the Phase 1 cancer clinical trial, as well as all pertinent medical information needed by the nursing staff to provide you with the support you need.

We Protect Your Privacy

Your copy of the signed Subject Information & Consent form shows that you are eligible for the Research with Respect program. Your personal and medical information is required by Bayshore Home Health in order to provide the care you need.

All information is kept confidential within Bayshore Home Health Inc.’s secure systems. The funding Foundation receives just a statement from Bayshore Home Health Inc. for the services the Foundation has contracted for your benefit.

About Bayshore Home Health

Bayshore Home Health has been enhancing the dignity, independence, and general quality of life of Canadians in their homes since 1966.

Canadian-owned and operated, Bayshore Home Health is Canada’s largest provider of home and community health care services, with more than 40 home care offices, 20 community care clinics and 8,000 employees.

Bayshore's core services are in-home nursing, personal care and home support – which can be purchased directly by individuals and also accessed through government care programs, personal and group insurance plans and workplace safety insurance.

Its caregivers deliver more than 5.2 million hours of home care annually to over 57,000 clients. The company also provides nurse/caregiver staffing services, health education programs and treatments in its community dialysis centres.

Through its subsidiary, Bayshore Specialty Rx, it offers specialty pharmacy, infusion clinic and pharmaceutical support services to a variety of health care and pharmaceutical organizations.

Bayshore Home Health has been a winner of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies Award since 2006.

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