Cancer Research Resources

This page presents links to websites and articles about research issues of interest to Clinical Trial Volunteers and cancer patients.

Advance Care Planning
April 12 is world advance care planning day. Advance care planning helps you to have a say about the health care you would choose to accept if you get very sick and cannot speak for yourself.

Bayshore Home Health
Bayshore Home Health developed the clinical guidelines for the ‘Research with Respect’ program. The company drew on its extensive experience in community care and adapted its protocols to help volunteers in Phase 1 trials.

Currently Running Clinical Cancer Drug Trials

WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)
The WHO believes that "The registration of all interventional trials is a scientific, ethical and moral responsibility. " The mission of the WHO Registry Platform is to ensure that a complete view of research is accessible to all those involved in health care decision making. This will improve research transparency and will ultimately strengthen the validity and value of the scientific evidence base.

BC Cancer Agency Open Clinical Trials
Follow the links in the blue left bar for information on open clinical trials at major centers in BC.

National Cancer Institute of Canada - Current Investigational New Drug Program Trials
Their website states, "This information is intended for use by doctors and other health care professionals. If you are a cancer patient, we recommend that you discuss this information with your doctor, who knows you, and who has the facts about your disease. If you are interested in taking part in a clinical trial, your doctor can help explain how this information may apply to you, and if this is the best treatment option in your particular case. "

IFPMA Clinical Trials Portal
This portal, run by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacterers & Associations, provides doctors, patients and their families with simple access to information on clinical trials of drugs and vaccines. Search ongoing trials or search for clinical trial results.
This site contains thousands of clinical studies sponsored by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, other federal agencies, and private industry. Studies listed in the database are conducted in over 140 countries.

Current Controlled Trials
The stated aim of this website is to increase the availability, and promote the exchange, of information about ongoing randomised controlled trials worldwide. They are committed to providing free and open access to information about ongoing randomised controlled trials, and this remains the guiding principle behind the company's activities.

Resource Sites for Volunteers and Caregivers

CancerGuide: Steve's Strategic Guide to Phase 1 Cancer Clinical Trials

CancerSource Patient Page

CanadaPharma - Canada's Research-Based Pharmaceutical Industries

Clinical Trials Compensation Guidelines (PDF file) Trials Compensation Guidelines.pdf

Influencing Change - A Patient and Caregiver Advocacy Guide

National Cancer Institute (USA)

Options for Improving Public Access to Information On Clinical Trials of Health Products in Canada - Final Report by the Health Canada External Working Group on the Registration and Disclosure of Clinical Trial Information (EWG-CT) (Click here for PDF Version, 80K)

Ottawa Statement on Trials Regulation
The Ottawa Statement is a consensus document that aims to guide the implementation of global trial registration. Endorsed by individuals and organisations throughout the international research community, the Statement recognises that public availability of information about all trials in healthcare is essential to ensuring ethical and scientific integrity in medical research.

Patients' Association of Canada
The Patients’ Association of Canada (PAC) was started in June 2007 out of the experience of a number of patients in their contacts with the health system. The founding group is made up of patients from all walks of life, many of whom also have some special knowledge of the system. Doctors, nurses, health care managers, medical sociologists, researchers, health care consultants, and social workers, among others, are represented in PAC. Their distinguishing characteristic is that each has been a patient. The perspective that links and unifies all of them is the deep belief that the health care system can be enhanced if the patient experience is acknowledged and integrated in efforts to improve it.

Phase 1 Study of CPX-1, a Fixed-Ratio Formulation of Irinotecan (IRI) and Floxuridine (FLOX), in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors (opens in new window)
The above document is an actual Summary Published Upon Completion of a Phase 1 Clinical Trial. This document is of interest to potential volunteers, to see just what your efforts would likely generate. It actually is part of your legacy even though your name is not included in the document.

A Staff Dialogue on Phase I Trials: Psychosocial Issues Faced by Patients, Their Families, and Caregivers

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