About Research with Respect

Our Mission   

Research with Respect provides Information, Support and Advocacy for Phase 1 Cancer Clinical Trial Volunteers.

Established in 2006, as part of a national registered charitable foundation, Research with Respect is Canada’s only patient-centred Phase 1 Cancer Clinical Trial Resource.

We are dedicated to:

  • informing and empowering Phase 1 cancer trial volunteers:
  • furthering ethical, compassionate, patient-centred  care of Phase 1 Clinical Trial Volunteers;
  • and promoting transparency and accountability of the clinical trial process through compulsory registration of all clinical trials conducted in Canada on a Canadian Clinical Trials Registry and mandatory publication of all clinical trial outcomes.

What we do

Research with Respect:


  • Unbiased information and resources, through our website, for prospective and current Phase 1 Cancer Trial volunteers, their families, and their physicians.
  • Free nursing care for Phase 1 cancer trial volunteers through our Research with Respect Care Program.

Raises awareness about:

  • The pivotal contribution of self that is made by Phase I Cancer Clinical Trial volunteers for the benefit of all mankind.
  • The need for ethical guidelines and protocols ensuring that Phase 1 cancer clinical trial volunteers receive compassionate, patient-centered care which can effectively provide for their physical safety and psychosocial wellbeing.

Calls for:

Health Canada to establish a compulsory, searchable, comprehensive, accessible-to-the-public Clinical Trials Registry in Canada.

Our Chair

Pat Maddocks is the author of Lethal Dose: One Man’s Journey Through a Phase 1 Drug Trial, and founder and national chair of the ‘Bear Ring “U” ‘n Mind’ Foundation.

The Foundation’s Research with Respect Care Program was established in December of 2006, the year following her husband Dave’s death which occurred as a result of his participating as a subject in a Phase 1 cancer clinical trial.

Pat and Dave were married for 42 years and ran a thriving vegetable farm and on-farm market in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Since Dave’s death Pat has become a tireless advocate for the rights of Phase 1 clinical trial volunteers and is lobbying for the establishment of a Canadian Clinical Trials Registry. She frequently makes public presentations on the need for a national public clinical trials registry and has recently presented at a TEDx Talks conference.

Pat has two daughters and 5 grandchildren.

Research with Respect Board Members

Carol McLaughlin - Director; Retired Teacher and advocate for mentally handicapped adults
Phil Mills - Director; Social Worker specializing in providing care to adults dealing with severe head injury complications

Research with Respect Care Program Associates

Fran Franklin - retired Oncology Nurse
Sandy McPherson - retired Quality Control Nurse
Jackie Price - retired Operating Room Nurse
Michele Harris - PAR Nurse
Timm Rittberg - IT Specialist
Neil Havers - Graphic Design Specialist
Donna Derrien - Web Design Specialist
Toby Rainy - retired Newspaper Editor
Robin Rainaldi - Office Systems Specialist